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Metropolitan Hilarion makes pastoral visitation to the Asian parishes of the DioceseAustralian and New Zealand Diocese (ROCOR)

On Monday the 22nd of June, His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion departed from Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport to begin an eight day visitation of the parishes in South Korea and Indonesia that are under the canonical protection of the Australian & New Zealand Diocese.

His first destination was Seoul, capital of South Korea where he was met by Deacon Father Paul Kang, who drove the Metropolitan to Holy Trinity Skete in the rural seaside village of Yonghwa.

On Tuesday the 23rd of June, His Eminence served the Divine Liturgy in the Skete’s Church of St Anna. The Head of the Korean Orthodox Mission, Father Justin Kang and his wife Matushka Helen, have both felt for a long time the call to the monastic life. Thus, during the Liturgy Father Justin Kang was tonsured to the small schema with the new name of John – Johan in Korean – in honour of St John of Kronstadt and will be based at Holy Trinity Skete. Matushka Helen Kang was tonsured into the small schema with the new name of Elizabeth in honour of the New Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia. Mother Elizabeth is attached to St Helen’s Chapel in the village of Chanjho.

On the following day, Wednesday the 24th of June, Vladika Hilarion again served the Divine Liturgy in St Anna’s Church, and ordained the Revd Deacon Doctor Paul Kang to the holy priesthood. The son of Hieromonk Johan and Nun Elizabeth, Father Paul lives in the Korean provincial city of Gumi with his wife Matushka Anna. Holding a Ph.D. in Material Science, Father Paul works for the international electronics company LG.

Upon his tonsure, Hieromonk Johan retired from his position as head of the Korean Orthodox Mission. In his place Metropolitan Hilarion appointed Revd Dr Paul Kang to head the Mission which will now be based at the Chapel of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Gumi.

The prayers of the faithful are asked for the newly tonsured monastics Hieromonk Johan and Nun Elizabeth, and the newly ordained head of the Korean Orthodox Mission the Revd Dr Paul Kang.

On Thursday the 25th of June Metropolitan departed Korea from Incheon and flew to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, arriving late in the evening. He was met by the Dean of the Indonesian Orthodox Church, Archimandrite Daniel, and clergy and laity of the deanery.

Very early the next morning, Friday the 26th of June, His Eminence flew to the city of Solo in East Java, and taken immediately to Holy Trinity Church. Here he was met by most of the Indonesian deanery clergy, many parishioners and afforded the honour of a traditional Javanese welcome by a group of dancers. The size of the Indonesian nation meant that many of the clergy had to travel vast distances to gather in Solo for their deanery meeting.

Metropolitan Hilarion was greeted by the clergy of the Indonesian deanery and a group of traditional Javanese dancers.

Preparing for the Divine Liturgy in Holy Trinity Church, Solo

Following his reception, the Metropolitan vested for the Divine Liturgy at which all the local clergy served. Before the Liturgy five men were tonsured to the order of Reader: Kirillos Baroto, Aleksander Kobesi, Michael Momongan, Chrysostomos Rolling Swempry Gaspersz and Alexander Kambuaya. Reader Aleksander Kobesi was then ordained to the rank of Sub-deacon.

Tonsure of five Readers before the Divine Liturgy

The Small Entrance

At the appropriate places during the Divine Liturgy His Eminence ordained Deacon Athanasius Mori Muzendi to the Priesthood, to serve the missionary community in Jayapura, Papua (Irian Jaya), and sub-deacon Aleksander Kobesi to the Diaconate to serve the Indonesian Orthodox community in Bali.

Ordination to the Priesthood of Deacon Athanasius Mori Muzendi

Ordination to the Diaconate of Sub-deacon Aleksander Kobesi

Clergy and ordination candidates of the Indonesian Orthodox Church following theDivine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church, Solo on Friday the 26th of June, 2009.

The joy of the clergy and people at meeting the head of their diocese was very evident, with many requests for photographs being made. The clergy were then able to join the Metropolitan for lunch and speak with him informally. Following the lunch, Archimandrite Daniel spent much of the afternoon instructing a group of catechumens, some of whom had come from Jakarta. That evening the clergy continued their deanery meeting.

Early on Saturday morning, the Metropolitan was collected from his hotel and returned to Holy Trinity Church where he again served the Divine Liturgy before which Reader Michael Momongan was ordained as Sub-deacon. During the Divine Liturgy Deacon Aleksander Kobesi was ordained to the holy Priesthood and Sub-deacon Michael Momongan to the Diaconate. Despite the high temperatures and humidity His Eminence again was able to meet with his clergy over lunch, prepared by the priest’s wives and women of Holy Trinity parish.

Newly ordained priest Aleksander Kobesi is presented to the congregation at HolyTrinity Church, Solo on Saturday the 27th of June, 2009.

Newly ordained Deacon Father Michael Momongan

During the afternoon Archimandrite Daniel baptised a number of catechumens who were to make their first Holy Communion at the Sunday Divine Liturgy. That evening the deanery clergy gathered for prayer and continued their meeting, electing new office bearers for the Indonesian Orthodox Church in accordance with legal obligations.

At the Sunday Liturgy the next day, almost all of the clergy served together with the Metropolitan. Reader Moses Kristianto was ordained Sub-deacon, and then Deacon, and Deacon Michael Momongan was ordained to the holy Priesthood. Father Michael will take charge of the Orthodox community in Manado, Sulawesi left orphaned by the tragic death last year in a motor accident of his brother Father Gregory Momongan. Over fifty people, including those newly illumined in Baptism, made their communion.

Sunday morning congregation at Holy Trinity Church, Solo.Sunday morning congregation at Holy Trinity Church, Solo.

Ordination to the priesthood of Deacon Father Michael Momongan

Ordination to the diaconate of Sub-deacon Moses Kristianto

Ordination to the diaconate of Sub-deacon Moses Kristianto

Metropolitan Hilarion, Archimandrite Daniel and clergy of the Indonesian deanery after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday the 28th of June, 2009.

Metropolitan Hilarion, Archimandrite Daniel with four newly baptised Christians who received their first Holy Communion at the Sunday Liturgy.

Following the Liturgy, Archimandrite Daniel and the deanery clergy escorted Metropolitan Hilarion next door to the nearly completed parish hall for a formal reception. His entrance was honoured by the music and singing of a traditional Javanese gamelan orchestra and singers. Greetings were offered to His Eminence and the newly ordained priests, deacons, sub-deacons and readers by representatives of Solo’s Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, a Muslim cleric and representatives from the local Hindu and Buddhist congregations, as well as the official heading the local office of the national government’s Department of Religious Affairs. Entertainment was given to the large crowd by the gamelan orchestra and its singers, and a children’s choir from a local Protestant orphanage. The children were orphaned after their parents were killed in the recent anti-Christian riots in the province of Acheh. A traditional Indonesian meal was then offered to the Metropolitan, clergy and the other guests.

Metropolitan Hilarion at the formal reception in the nearly completed parish hall following the Sunday Divine Liturgy.

The Metropolitan, official guests and parishioners were entertained by a traditional Javanese gamelan orchestra and singers.

Entertainment was also provided by a choir from a local Protestant orphanage. These children lost their parents in recent Muslim attacks on Christians in another part of Indonesia.

That evening Metropolitan Hilarion attended the last session of the deanery meeting and spent two hours listening to each priest and deacon tell of the progress and problems faced in each of their far-flung parishes and missions. His Eminence was able to give practical advice and encouragement, answer a number of questions relating to canonical matters and offer assistance in helping the clergy learn more about their liturgical duties.

Early the next morning, Monday the 29th of June, the Metropolitan flew back to Jakarta where he was met by parishioners from St Thomas parish. Some of the clergy, including ordination candidates, had travelled by bus the night before from Solo and were delayed in arriving, so the Liturgy at St Thomas’ Church began rather late. Before the Divine Liturgy Reader Chrysostomos Rolling Swempry Gaspersz was ordained Sub-deacon, and during the Liturgy Deacon Moses Kristianto was ordained to the holy Priesthood, and Sub-deacon Chrysostomos Gaspersz to the Diaconate to serve with Father Athanasius Mori Muzendi in Jayapura, in the Indonesia province of Papua .

Divine Liturgy in St Thomas Church, Jakarta on Monday the 29th of June, 2009

The Great Entrance

Ordination to the priesthood of Deacon Moses Kristianto.

Ordination to the diaconate of Sub-deacon Chrysostomos Gaspersz

At the conclusion of the Liturgy, His Eminence served the mystery of Holy Matrimony for the servants of God Michael Anak Agung Gde Raka and Elizabeth Koesoemo.

The Metropolitan lunched with members of the St Thomas parish and spent time with a number who sought his advice and counsel. A trip was arranged to a local cemetery where prayers were offered at the graves of departed Orthodox relatives of St Thomas parishioner and benefactor Christine Hadiningrat..Boarding a flight that evening His Eminence arrived back in Sydney early on the morning of Tuesday the 30th of July.

Please pray for the newly tonsured monastics Hieromonk Johan and Nun Elizabeth, the newly ordained Readers Kirillos Baroto and Alexander Kambuaya, Deacon Father Chrysostomos Gaspersz, and the new priests Fathers Paul Kang, Athanasius Mori Muzendi, Aleksander Kobesi, Michael Momongan and Moses Kristianto.

Please pray for the all the clergy and faithful people of the Korean Orthodox Mission and the Orthodox Church of Indonesia as they witness to Christ in very difficult, challenging, and, in Indonesia, often dangerous situations.

Both mission areas are very, very poor and lack many resources. They need the financial help of Orthodox Christians in more affluent countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to help, please send a contribution to the ROCOR Diocesan Office, 20 Chelmsford Avenue, Croydon, NSW, Australia clearly marked for either the Korean Orthodox Mission or the Indonesian Orthodox Church. Your support of our brothers and sisters in Christ is urgently needed. Supporting Orthodox missionary activity in non-Christian areas is part of the great legacy and tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church. In helping ROCOR’s missionary activity in Korea and Indonesia we are obeying the command of our Saviour to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and follow in the footsteps of generations of Russian missionaries such as St Innocent of Irkutsk, St Tikhon of Moscow, St Nicholas of Japan and St John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

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Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro Dean of Indonesia (ROCOR) makes a request to the Russian Orthodox Church for a Theological Institution in Indonesia

Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro Dean of Indonesia (ROCOR) makes a request to the Russian Orthodox Church for a Theological Institution in Indonesia
Metropolitan Hilarion (Archbishop at time of photo) and Bishop Mark visit Indonesia

Archimandrite Daniel, founder of Indonesian
Orthodox Church (under the omphorion of ROCOR)

Metropolitan Hilarion, assisted by Reader Alexander Paramonov, ordain Fr Athanasius

Jakarta, Indonesia- Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral) of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand arrived in Indonesia today and served a liturgy in Jakarta were he ordained 2 Indonesians deacons to the Priesthood. During the course of his visit to Indonesia His Eminence will ordain 4 priests and 1 deacon. In the ROCOR mission of Indonesia there are already over 2500 Indonesian Orthodox parishioners. The Dean of the Indonesian Orthodox mission Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro held a press-conference with to describe the difficult situation in the rapidly expanding Orthodox mission in Indonesia.

Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro said: “If there is a Russian Orthodox Theological Institution in Moscow who can teach our parishioners and newly ordained clergymen to preach Orthodoxy in the Indonesian language we urge you to establish a branch of your seminary in Indonesia. Many Indonesians will come to learn and obtain a degree in Theology. Our people want to be educated by the Russian Orthodox Church in the Orthodox faith. We do not have the capabilities to send our clergymen overseas to be obtain a theological education in the Russian Church. Also, Indonesians who are not Orthodox are attracted by the prospect of a higher educated with a degree. Through their education in a Theological Institute they will come to the Orthodox faith.”

Discrimination of Orthodox Christians in Indonesia

To hold a church service the Fr. Daniel must gather signatures from at least 16 Moslem neighbors who are over the age of 19 years old. Fr. Daniel is constantly denied permission because citizens are against the presence of a Christian Church in their area. The same rule applies to other Christian denominations in the area. Some Orthodox and Catholic parishes in the area coordinate their activities and help each other in response of the Muslim majority. Some places are tolerant and open but some areas of Indonesia are very hard line Muslim. The Orthodox avoid those areas as it is dangerous for them to openly practice missionary activities. Fr. Daniel says that from time to time organized violence occurs against Orthodox Christians and it is hard to predict when and where. The Orthodox community in Indonesia lives in constant fear and discrimination. When Fr. Daniel opened the Orthodox mission in Indonesia there were many problems with the Indonesian police. Since he has joined the ROCOR the situation with the local administration has improved but Fr. Daniel states that “the police are not afraid of anything, they don’t care about anyone or anything”. Whenever his Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion visits his flock in Indonesia Fr. Daniel is required to report to the authorities that he is receiving a foreign guest for religious purposes. The police escort the Metropolitan from the airport and keep a close eye on him.

International Aid from Orthodox Christian Churches

Fr. Daniel travels to U.S.A every month and conducts fundraising activities amongst Orthodox Russians, Greeks, Serbs and Antiochians. The bulk of the financial aid that the Indonesia Orthodox Church receives is from donors in the U.S.A. In 2007 through the efforts of His Grace Bishop Mark of Egorievsk organized a link between the Orthodox Community in Indonesia and the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriachate. As a result of these ties Moscow supplements the wages of the Indonesian clergy but Fr. Daniel says that this is minimal and not enough- “The help is not enough, not all of the priests receive help”. For Orthodox priests in Indonesia it is very difficult to live, being such a strict Islamic country the Orthodox clergy cannot and will not be employed by anybody. Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world and the Orthodox clergy are heavily discriminated against.

Projects of the Indonesian Mission
The Orthodox Church in Indonesia needs financial help to continue printing Orthodox literature, buying land and building churches. Fr Daniel quotes, “The possibilities for the growth of Orthodoxy in Indonesia are huge, for a small investment into missionary work; the returns are evident through the large number of Indonesians converting to the Orthodox Church.”

The Indonesian Orthodox People love the shepherd of their spiritual flock

“We all love Metropolitan Hilarion so much. He is so fatherly and humble and understanding. He helps us as much as he can in the way of financial needs, but with more help we can bring many more Indonesians to salvation in the Orthodox Church.” – Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro


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